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What is Refworks?


RefWorks is an online bibliographic tool that allows you to import, manage, store and organize citations from different sources, such as databases, catalogues, electronic journals and websites, and generate bibliographic lists in a variety of citation styles.


The new version of RefWorks offers an improved, user-friendly experience, with full-text management and collaboration features.


Registered users of RefWorks:


Registered users of RefWorks have the option to open an account in the new version of RefWorks, and import all their data to it, or use the legacy software.

Unregistered users should open an account in the new version.


Legacy RefWorks


New RefWorks
Login to legacy RefWorks >>   Login to the new RefWorks >>



Getting started:


New Users:


1. Go to and type your university email. You cannot open an account using web-based email services such as gmail, yahoo-mail, etc.

2. Click on check.

3. In the following page click on the signup button.

4. An account activation message will be sent to your email address.

5. Click on the link in the message and fill in the details.



Existing Users:


Attention! The new version of RefWorks is still in beta stage. If you wish to manage your citations in the legacy software you may continue to do so until January 2018.

If you have an account in the legacy version of RefWorks, and you wish to switch to the new version, follow the instructions for “opening a new account and migrating all your information” to the new RefWorks version.

1. Follow the instructions for new users.

2. Click on the (+) button in the upper right corner and choose IMPORT REFERENCE in the drop down menu.

3. Click on REFWORKS under   "Import from another reference manager'

4. If you have not signed in yet, you will be asked to do so at this point.

5. After the identification, the transfer will begin and it could last  several minutes. If an item has not migrated, you will be notified.


Need help?

 Guide in English

Learn to use RefWorks in 20 minutes Youtube videos





Graduated but still want to use RefWorks?


Alumni Program  


RefWorks allows university graduates to use RefWorks for free, as long as the university subscribes to it.

To access the account, change the account status in the settings to ALUMNI, and change the email address. There is no need for a group code. The personal email account will be connected to the university account.

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